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Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney Paul Adras

Arrested for Domestic Violence in Las Vegas? Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney Paul Adras is ready to help you deal with this difficult situation. Call him for help today at 702.463.4200.

Arrested for an Argument

Everyone has arguments. Sometimes those arguments are even loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Just because you had a loud argument with your wife or husband, doesn't mean you deserve to spend the night in jail.

Arrests for Battery Domestic Violence in Clark County often result from misunderstandings. Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney Paul Adras will explain what happened to the court. Call him today at 702.463.4200.

Aggressive Defense

A conviction for battery domestic violence in Clark County will have a major impact on your life. You could lose custody of your children. Your immigration status could be revoked. You need a Las Vegas lawyer experienced in battery domestic violence defense. Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorneys Paul Adras has the experience to aggressively defend your rights in court.

Call us at 702.463.4200 to immediately start protecting your rights. Put our experience in court as defense lawyers to work for you today.

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Misunderstandings happen every day. Defense Attorney Paul Adras will explain your side of the story to court and get things cleared up. Call him at 702.463.4200 to put this situation behind you.